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Money is a huge part of everyone’s life. It determines what you can do, where you can go, and the lifestyle you enjoy. Learning how to manage your money is a critical step toward taking control of your current and future life.

Understanding where your money is coming from and where it’s going is the foundation for successful money management. A good money management strategy will include investment, budgeting, expense management, banking and taxes.

Having a well-thought-out money management plan will make it clear where you are spending your money today and how to insure you’ll get where you want it to go in the future.

Our commitment is to deliver the personalized service and provide concrete advice on how to best manage your money so that it doesn’t manage you.

Retirement planning is not simple. Preparing for life after one’s serious work has ended is a very difficult and complex task that usually takes a great deal of time to arrive at a comfortable integrated plan. This is because all aspects of your life — financial, lifestyle, place to live, when to stop working, and others — need to be re-planned.

Planning for a comfortable and satisfying retirement is an extensive process that takes planning and persistence. Once reached, managing your retirement is an ongoing responsibility that carries on for the balance of your life. The whole process will likely seem daunting and there may be a lot of internal resistance to rethinking all aspects of life.

Critical questions such as:

Am I in a financial position to retire?  Do I have to work some more?

Where do I want to live?

What can I do to better prepare for retirement?

What activities do I like to do that will partly or completely replace my work?

Green Tree Planning will help you identify strategies to consider and help you develop a comprehensive retirement plan that will identify future needs and help you achieve the lifestyle you desire.

Starting a small business without proper planning is a sure way to failure and financial ruin. The five “Ps”, the military service axiom that “Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance”, is never more true than in the world of small business start-ups where the three year failure rate is 20-30%.

Existing small businesses are also very vulnerable when they fail to prepare and follow a business plan. A business plan has many components. An organization plan, a capital acquisition and use plan, a financial plan, a marketing plan, a cash flow plan, an emergency plan and many others when taken collectively are the business plan.

Green Tree Planning, along with your other professionals, can help you prepare and maintain these plans. We are able to use our critical thinking and analysis skills along with our independent unbiased views to add significant value to your business goals.

It is a fair estimate that 20% or one in five Americans are permanently disabled due to a vast array of conditions such as blindness, deafness, disease, injury, mental condition, age and other debilitating factors. Government programs are not sufficient to take of these individuals.  Families often are able fill the gaps between what government is willing to do and what the disabled person needs.

Green Tree Planning can help families develop plans to meet the special needs of these family members and can help the families understand the various government programs and their limitations.  Providing for the special needs of these family members must be planned for in advance, in some cases more than five years.

Today, gifts to charities and educational institutions frequently involve more than simply writing a check, particularly where large gifts are under consideration.  This is because large gifts often have serious tax considerations and the donors want their gift(s) directed in a particular way. Under such circumstances a gift plan is almost a necessity.

By using a variety of financial tools and techniques for giving, a charitable gift plan will allow you to cultivate, design, facilitate, and steward gifts to charities of your choice. Gifts other than cash, such as stocks, real estate, art pieces, or business interests usually have tax consequences. It is important to understand them in the context of your financial plan. Such planned charitable gifts also allow you to express your personal values. Large charitable gifts are usually best effected through the assistance of the charity’s development professional and other skilled professionals.

Green Tree Planning has the knowledge and skills to help you, with the assistance of other professionals, to design a charitable gift plan that meets your personal values.

Estate planning is the current structuring and future disposition of your current and projected assets for their efficient use during your life and then their disposition at your death. It includes preparation for the management of your assets when you no longer can due to accident, disease, disability or age. It is most frequently used to assure that following your death that your loved ones are adequately provided for.

A well thought out estate plan will consider and minimize all likely tax estate, inheritance and income taxes and avoid probate with its consequent time delay and invasion of family privacy. Today, most estate plans employ one or more trusts as the primary means to control and manage the disposition of your property.  Wills are used to catch and direct any probate assets to the trust(s).  Today many people have their wealth in assets subject to beneficiary designations such as IRAs, 401Ks and life insurance products.  These assets must also be carefully planned and directed.

Green Tree Planning has over 30 years experience in estate planning and can frequently provide many creative methods to construct a more efficient and effective plan than conventional planning would do.

Tax planning involves identifying tax issues prior to any taxable event and developing a plan to eliminate or minimize the otherwise applicable taxes.  It is usually an integral part of other planning work such as estate planning, charitable gift planning, retirement planning, business planning and asset management but not always.

Although Green Tree Planning has experience in the preparation and filing of tax returns it is not one of its primary business services.  Such returns are only done ancillary to other services where such returns are required.

Green Tree Planning has 30 years of broad experience in taxation as it relates to estates, trusts, property transfers and charitable giving.

Green Tree Planning does not engage in any investment management activities for any clients at any time.  It never accepts “custody” of any client assets nor does it ever accept control or the authority to direct the investment of client assets.

Green Tree Planning does prepare investment plans for clients. These plans propose how client assets could be invested but the actual implementation of any plan prepared by Green Tree Planning is to be done strictly by the client for whom the plan was prepared using the client’s own brokerage account(s), insurance representatives, or other financial service providers.

All investment plans prepared by Green Tree Planning are constructed with what we believe to be in the best interests of the client.  These plans are constructed not in isolation but in close collaboration with the client taking into account the client’s risk and reward preferences.

All investment plans prepared by Green Tree Planning employ index investing methodology with sector diversification using mutual funds, exchange traded funds, closed end funds, treasury bills and bonds, money market funds selected by the client, and municipal bond funds.  Green Tree Planning neither advocates or plans any short term (investment period less than 3 years) strategies.

Green Tree Planning has no client referral or similar arrangement with any broker/dealer firm, insurance agent or supplier of financial products. If requested, Green Tree Planning will supply the contact information on local firms who provide such services but Green Tree Planning does not evaluate the merits or cost of those services or the financial standing of those service providers.

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